Air freight

Transportation by air is considered the quickest and most reliable mode of cargo transport. Moreover, cargo can be delivered by air to places where there is no railroad or other means of communication. Modern cargo planes are designed with high carrying capacity. That is why air cargo transportation is suitable for small cargoes, spare parts and heavy cargoes.

Our team of professionals with years of solid experience in the airline industry can offer you the following options:

International Air Freight (Import / Export)

Air Freight transportation:

  • Door-to-Door
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Consolidated Cargo
  • Multimodal transportation – AIR + TRUCK

Domestic Air Freight

Integrated warehouse cargo handling

In-bond cargo transfer from a regional HUB in Moscow by air & truck within Russia

Charter airfreight services

Special offers:
Airfreight from Europe, China and USA; transportation of special cargoes, such as valuable cargoes or cargo that require temperature control, after-sales logistics, distribution and 24/7 service.

For any additional professional consultation of our Air freight specialists please contact our Air freight department or on +7 495 795–04–95.

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