Along with other modes of cargo transportation, DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers a full range of rail transportation services as a part of multimodal transportation.

The use of an optimal combination of modes of transport at various stages of transportation enables customers to deliver their cargo efficiently to central and remote regions of Russia.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK is a team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience. We offer various schemes and logistics solutions, individually tailored for your cargo and to your various business needs. We guarantee safety of your cargo on the entire route thanks to the high reliability of our railway vehicles, cargo handling operations that meet the highest international standards, and full information and documentary support.

Multimodal transportation – OCEAN + RAIL and RAIL + TRUCK

Rail transportation within Russia

Project transportation of oversize, heavy and long cargo

Provision of special platforms equipped with fixing mechanisms

Enforcing technical conditions for cargo stowage and securing

Surveyor services during cargo handling operations

For any additional professional consultation of our Rail transportation specialists please contact our Rail transportation department or on +7 495 795–04–95.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK as a part of DAS Global Group Inc.