Oil & gas industry

Transportation of oil and gas equipment is a very complex process. Nevertheless it is an integral part of the oil and gas industry because many stations and plants are located in remote regions of Russia, while the equipment is often produced abroad.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers a range of services aimed at addressing issues on equipment procurement, consulting services on preparation of the necessary documentation, including international contracts, as well as logistics solutions for oil and gas enterprises.

Drilling rigs and other oil and gas equipment often have special shapes. That is why during transportation, it is necessary to carry out a special procedure for cargo loading and securing at the platform. Drilling rigs can be transported both assembled and disassembled. Dismantling is carried out after arrival at the platform. For proper cargo placement on the platform, it is necessary to identify the center of gravity correctly. We consider all these and many other features. DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK has solid experience in transportation of drilling rigs, processing equipment, pumps, hydraulic systems, cleaning equipment, equipment for pumping and mixing of liquids and gases.

For any additional professional consultation of our specialists in transportation for oil and gas industry please contact our International department or on +7 495 795–04 –95.

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